ALALA All for Love And Love for All

The Feed Africa Programme is a global movement to empower the most deprived areas in the continent

The aim of this campaign is to provide food and sustainable resources such as the installation of clear water systems and creating community permaculture gardens.

We are working in proud partnership with Dr Angela Antonatos creator of the Find the Greatness in You Academy and initiator of the Feed Africa programme.


We have installed clean water systems:

  • 5 in the poorest area of Sierra Leone providing clean drinking water to over 150 000 children and people.
  • 1 in Gambia providing water to a community of fisher men village
  • 1 in Senegal providing clean water for children rescued from trafficking

We have distributed over 7000 meals to children living in the poorest condition in Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe.

We have provided stock of food to children in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Senegal

In the slum of Sierra Leone where children live and survive on piles of rubbish our trustee has distributed meals and stock of food as well as provided for the installation of a clean water system.