ALALA All for Love And Love for All

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Tickets are £5 for 5 strips.

My mission is still to touch as many children and adults (we are all in this together) as possible, when I feed a child or meet an adult there is a ripple effect that goes out and so many lives are touched by these conscious simple acts. We never really know how far the effects of our actions go.

Raffle prizes List :

Deja Hu: 2 times Tickets to Into the Wild Beltane Festival
Natalie Heath: 6 class yoga card for about balance, Brighton or Peacehaven.
Ella Kate Reeves: Float at the Float Spa
Claudia Burnett: A clearing space Access Bars session
Kiki at Kikis Restaurant: Bottle of Proseco or wine, or tea and cake
Karen Freedom: 2 hour yoga and energy work session
Layla May: Soul journey session
Debz Hayes: One hour session – Drop through into your source
Anna Panda: Shamanic Tarot reading
Rowan Sterk: 2 Hour breath work session
Lyne Ridden: Soul Retrieval – Shamanic healing
Julia Gillick: Free workshop – Wild weekend with art therapy
Maya: 1.5 hour healing session of Golden Lavana, creative visualisation with movement, art and life coaching
Emma Wade: 1 Hour massage/facial at the Needle makers, Lewes
Patula: Body talk session
Tina Mali: Free download of her music
Angelica Rossi: Full body Massage
Karen Dodd: 10 free yoga classes at Southdown Sports Club, Lewes.
Tara Love Perry: 3 times I Love You Me books with online course (valued at £197)
Hannah Rose Tristam: One Glow Choir singing session
Cate Mackenzie: Love coaching workshop
Nadia Franchi: Do Terra Orange oil
Sarita Premley: Inner Peace, emotional healing session.
Carli SuSu: A childs medium Susumama outfit
Pratiti: Massage
Caroline Carey: Books – She has a voice, Reclaimed Innocence, Ms’ Guided Angel
Alison David: Singing Lessons
Santiago: listening hour and creative out view
Tracey Savage: 2 times Family passes (2 adults, 3 children) for Brighton Toy and Model Museum
About Balance: One flotation
Sacha Allistone: Psychology of vision reading
Natalie Keegan: One hour Craniosacral therapy
Jen-ix: Shamanic Vision 4th healing session
Asha: Biodanza session
Ann O’keife: laughter yoga session or Mini rune reading
Samira Harris: One hour healing massage at Pop Up, Lewes
Moon: Thai massage at Alala
Natasha de Grunwald: A ya dom hand made herbal sniff medicine that in an ancient recipe, good for many conditions such as anxiety, depression, low energy, poor concentration, nausea, headaches, respiratory etc.
Alan Schechener: Kambo ceremony session
Imagine people from all nations joining together from the heart.
Thank you for choosing to be one of them.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world -
indeed it is the only thing that ever has."Margaret Mead