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Senegal Love Mission, April 2022

Senegal, Africa, April 2021

Our charity has provided supply 3 months of food for over 80 orphan children in Senegal, Mrs Tess Hunneybell is giving great dedication with a loving heart to these children.

Tess is the founder of the project "Child Slave Rescue" in Toubab Dialow, she provides meals every day for abandoned and orphan children who survive in the streets begging. At the day center they supply basic medical needs, a hot meal, clean drinking water everyday.

Gambia, Africa, February 2021

Our charity has contributed to the installation of a clean water system in the village of BERETO TENDA in GAMBIA AFRICA, which was finished and celebrated in April.

Sierra Leone, Africa, March 2020

Christine our trustee went to Sierra Leone to distribute rice to the children surviving in the slums of Freetown. Our gratitude to the Chalk Cliff Trust and Souter charitable trust for their generous donations.

ALALA also installed a new water system in one of the slums.

Sierra Leone, Africa, November 2019

Christine our trustee went to Sierra Leone to distribute meals to over 1500 children and a stock of rice to the people surviving in the slums of Freetown.

Thanks to our generous donors and to all who support our charity, ALALA has started the process of building a home for 20 children, for a start, eco bricks have been bought for 3 rooms.

ALALA has also started the installation of a recycling mini factory in the slum for people to be able to produce plates, tiles and bowls on the model of

"There is nothing in the world I enjoyed to do more than receiving and giving to the people who are asking for a better life, expanding the consciousness of humanity for all human beings on our beautiful planet to have enough to live."

Christine (Founder of ALALA)

Sierra Leone, Africa, March-April 2019

Christine our trustee went to Sierra Leone to make a long lasting difference in the life of other thousand children who lost their parents from Ebola. Thanks to our generous donors, ALALA has brought food and clean water in 3 slums of Freetown.

The slum where kids play in a sea of plastics and rubbish...

"Not sure how to put words on my feelings never experience this before, I know I am following my dream to bring Love, food and water to orphaned children in areas of the world where it will make a difference."


The first water installation ALALA has paid for, including tank, taps, pipes, connections, labour etc...

It is the first time they will have drinking water! What a celebration!

One more place where ALALA has paid for clean water installation, saving life...

It has been a great joy to give food, water, hugs and lots of Love...

Water is Life,
Life is Love,
Love is Life,
Life is Water

The circle is complete

Mission Accomplished, drinking water for over thousand orphan children in Africa.

"It is important to focus on Love and the joy of giving if we want to elevate those children's life.

"It is my greatest joy to serve food and install clean running water to over 15,000 children in different places and we have danced together, this is the joy we have brought to their life, thank you!"


Next mission: building an orphanage on this land, in Sierra Leone.

Christine: Trustee Founder ALALA

ALALA trustees are extremely grateful to All people who have donated and to the one who will donate to help ALALA build a home for those children.

  • Doterra Healings Hands
  • Mrs Hayley Hobson
  • the Trustees of Souter Charitable trust, Edith M. Ellis Trust, Catriona Hargreaves Trust, The Chalk Cliff Trust
and all our private donors, your financial contributions have made this Love Mission possible

Zimbabwe, Africa, November 2018

Christine our trustee went to Zimbabwe to make a long lasting difference in the life of the children in Bulawayo.

Thank YOU from the children in Zimbabwe, they put both hands together to show their gratitude for YOU for your financial contribution.

Some of them had walked 15 miles to get just a meal and will walk back where they live, the meal is served at 5 pm by the time they are all served it is dark.

YOU who have donated not only you have fed these children but you have expanded the Love and Compassion of the planet, through your awareness you have put into the collective consciousness the wish to provide for all beings and yourself included, you have contributed to the expansion of the Universe, please take those words in your heart and savour them, for you are the One who are restoring this planet to a place of shared abundance and so you shall receive.

ALALA’s trustees are passionate and eager to distribute more food, more hugs, more Love to these children.

Zimbabwe my mission, it has been a great joy to bring food and love to these beautiful children, thanks to all the people who have made this possible either through words of kindness and love or financial contribution.

It has provided rice, millet, potatoes, beans, pots and plates, seeds which will bring crop in 3 months with maize and vegetables, a cooker and a shelter for the children to eat during the rainy season, my next step is to build a home for the orphan children, there is nothing Love can't achieve.

Mission Accomplish xxx
Christine Le Nahelic , Trustee Founder ALALA

Message from Tabitha Orphanage, Sweetwaters, South Africa, July 2018

"We are so very grateful for all the donations and support we’ve received. A special thank you goes to Christinelle LE Nahedic and ALALA charity for your huge contribution that’s enabled the completion of the floor tiles at the Tabitha orphanage in Sweetwaters. Here is the progress so far thanks to you!"

Tenali, India, May 2018

Naomie our trustee went to visit the children of the orphanage in Tenali, Andra Pradesh India, we have been sponsoring since 2011. During her visit she has bought stock of food supply, air coolers for the rooms, schools items and other necessities.

We would like to give our thanks to Souter Charitable Trust who has awarded our charity £2000 towards this mission.

Sierra Leone, Africa, February 2018

What do you do when you meet children who lost their parents when Ebola devastated their family and country?

You give. You give love, you give food, you give a cuddle.

When you feel deep in your heart you are at the right place at the right time. And meet the African Beauties living in the slum. And you do not realise you are in the most dirty smelly piece of land on Earth, where kids live, because those kids are so happy to get some FOOD and you are SO HAPPY to give...

Happy Valentine World... I could not have wish a better place to celebrate LOVE with the children who lost their parents and family from the mud slide in Sierra Leone. They were so happy to receive a plate of yummy food... Thank you, I am Happy, mission accomplished... We have brought food and water to over a thousand children...

Sierra Leone, Africa, April 2017

My dream has become!!! I fed even more than thousand children in 5 days, orphaned who lost their parents from Ebola living in the slums.

We had local women to cook for the kids, we bought 150 kilo of rice, vegetable, bread, water etc... to make sure we had enough to distribute up over 300 plates of food. The children call me "auntie", "please auntie" as they are holding their hands to receive food. To see the kids sitting next to me with their full mouth and tummy filling up was so touching... I wanted to touch as many children's hearts as I could...

The look in their eyes is still with me. What an experience, so much beauty and sadness too...


UPDATE 2: Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India 2017

ALALA has the pleasure to announce the successful construction of the orphanage for 40 orphan children in Tenali INDIA.

UPDATE: Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India 2016

The ground floor has now been renovated and improved, the 1st floor is still under construction.

The kids had a celebration to commemorate their new home.

Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India 2016

We are building a room extension for better living space for the little girls in Tenali Andra Pradesh in India.

We are very grateful to Carole Watson, Dominique Dolloso,The Zu studio, Naomi Mcdonald, Souter charitable trust, The Allen & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust, The Dorfred Charitable Trust, all volunteers and supporters of our charity ALALA.

Philippines May 2015

Our charity visited the Aeta tribe in the Phillipines, who lost many of its members during a volcano eruption, leaving children orphaned. We distributed clothes, food, as well as purchased enough seed to grow, providing sustainable food for the 200 families. They will have enough return from those crops to sell a percentage of it at local markets and provide funds for the tribe and the children, clothes, food and other necessities.

Philippines May 2014

Our trustee Christine was invited to the Philippines by the Light House manager Zed Avecilla, founder of Operation HOPE in support of the people affected by the last Typhoon Yolanda in November.

With the vice governor and Myra Alcid Gavino who support the indigenous tribe in the Philippines. Jozen Curva who is an inspiration to move the project forward and Zed Avecilla whose kindness and generosity is leading the project.

Our successful meeting discussing the plan to build an eco village on the land offered by the government.

Christine went to Tocloban where the Typhoon hit the most, there are still 30,000 families without homes, families are building shelter where they can, recycling pieces found.

With the strength of the typhoon a boat landed in the middle of the town and still is there.

Christine our trustee helped to sort out clothes and food for distribution. Our charity bought 540 kilo of rice.

India Tenali Orphanage DECEMBER 2013

Flick Nicoll and Emerald Meisner previously visited the children and raised £200 so we could buy presents for Christmas (musical instruments, the children got a bag filled with a toothbrush, a comb - they never had their own! - bar of soap, colour pencil, a small toy and a few other items).

With money raised from our shop in Brighton and donations from different donors (thanks to Samira and Martin from Zu Studio in Lewes for their ongoing generosity) Christine our trustee bought a large stock of food and items necessary for the orphanages and their care.

Sri Lanka MAY 2013

We went back to Sri Lanka in April 2013 and were warmly welcomed by representatives of the government. We are very grateful for the support of Rev. Meewellawe Dhammananda Thero and Reverend Palite Thero and would like to honour them for their kindness and organising our visit with so much care and attention.

Christine our trustee with Sri Lankan president Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa, an inspiration of peace and harmony who ended 30 years of war and conflict in his country in just 3 years. He welcomes all ethnicities and religious beliefs and supports the building of the orphanage.

Our trip was very successful we now have finished the plan for the orphanage with a local architect and it has been approved and signed by official of the government.

Meeting with Mr Chandana S.K. Wendaruwa vice chairman of Eze-energy and Rev. Palite Thero discussing the building of the orpanage and solar power.

The beautiful piece of land for the orphanage, with abundance of fruits and vegetation.

Dreams always come true. Rev. Meewellawe as a child dreamed that one day he'll leave something beautiful for the world. Let's make this wonderful man's dream come true, ALALA is helping to achieve it.

Orphanage in India FEBRUARY 2013

Emerald Meisner went to the Tenali orphanage in India and on behalf of ALALA and our supporters bought £500 worth of food for the 40 children.

Love in Action Project FEBRUARY 2013

Following ALALA's Love in Action project in February, through the kindness of the Brighton community we raised £30 pounds and filled up 14 bags each containing:

  • blanket
  • pair of gloves
  • hat
  • socks
  • scarf
  • packet of crisp
  • a soft drink
  • a bar of chocolate
  • a cuddly teddy and a Valentine card with conscious words of love

for the people sleeping in the streets of Brighton.

x thank you so much to all who joined and supported x

Our Visit to Sri Lanka NOVEMBER 2012

Christine our trustee was invited by Reverand Meewallawe Dhammananda from the  Khettarama Social Service Foundation  to visit Kurunegala in Sri Lanka where she received a very warm welcome with ALALA's project to build a sustainable orphanage.

At the government office with Mr Herath the architect, Rev. Thero and Mr Karunasinghe, where Buddhists, Christians and Muslims work in harmony.

In the office of Mr Patrick Karunasinghe, Chairman of the local government authority.

The official document for their full cooperation and contribution of 30% of the costs.

Visit to the Buddhist temple where some children of the tsunami have chosen to become Buddhist monks.

Discussion with Mr Wasantna K.J. Premathilake, director general of the development authority, looking at ALALA's plan for the sustainable orphanage.

Solar power, handicraft workshops, permaculture garden and ecostructure have been agreed.

Although 3 pieces of land were offered for the project we've chosen Khettarama temple.

We were very touched by this unfinished (due to lack of finance) orphanage of Rev Meewallawe.

We have assessed the space and decided it's suitable for our project and it will provide accommodation for 25 orphan children.

Our Last Visit to the Orphans in Andhra Pradesh & Our Project to Build a Sustainable Orphanage MAY 2012

During our last visit in May 2012 to the 40 orphaned children in Andhra Pradesh, India we bought a stock of food which will last them for 3 months. We also bought an air conditioning system. Additionally, we viewed some land as we are aiming to build an orphanage for those children who are currently living in very cramped conditions.

  • Thanks to Jake from Eco-Logic in North Laines in Brighton who raised £800 running in the Brighton marathon.
  • Thanks to Zu Studios in Lewes who raised nearly £300 at their raffle.
  • Thanks to all the customers of our charity shop.

We've been very inspired by  Bunker Roy , founder of The Barefoot College in Rajasthan where Christine our trustee visited to gather information on how to build with recycled materials and solar power methods.

Underprivileged women from all over the world learning to become solar power engineers.

Reaching Forward Together Orphanage, Andhra Pradesh, India OCTOBER 2011

Emma Barty our Art therapist leading a workshop with the children.

We recently visited this orphanage and provided each of the 40 children with new shoes and pillows and clothes. It's hard to imagine living without these basic items. Their overflowing gratitude showed us that we really had made a difference in their lives.

We provided 500kg of rice, 300kg of beans, 100kg of flour, onions, garlic, spices and more vegetables.

Our leading Art Therapy workshop helped the children to express themselves on a beautiful painted canvas.


We have provided bags of clothing for a deprived village in Gambia and help their school by sending books, pens, pencils, colours and other necessary items.

We run a Charity Shop in Brighton and also organise events to raise funds.

Why we are different

  • Our team of qualified, experienced therapists visit orphanages worldwide and provide workshops for children.
  • We create gardens in orphanages to grow vegetables and flowers.
  • We assess and improve existing orphanages for sustainability.
  • We sponsor individuals orphans in need of support.
  • Our vision is to build sustainable orphanages worldwide.

Ways you can help:

  • Finding grant and fundraising sources
  • Organising fundraising events
  • Marketing
  • Volunteering in one of our shops
  • Selling goods on eBay
  • Join our team of therapists if you have relevant skills
  • Join our team for sustainable living if you have skills in this field

If you want to help, please contact us:


+44/0 1273 677178 or +44/0 7739 728433 

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